The key services include:


We are armed with latest inbound marketing, customer relationship management, social media and associated technologies that tourism businesses desire. Services which we offer include: Customer Relationship Management Systems , Content Management Systems, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Promotions and Digital Publications

Brand Visibility

Clarity: Goals, direction, target, vision, mission, values

Coverage: Online and offline visibility, networking and use of appropriate media channels relevant to stakeholders

Consistency: “On brand” and consistent brand “touch points” and experiences.

Constancy: Regular, timely and relevant contacts with stakeholders

Storytelling: Engaging, compelling and captivating use of narratives

Tourism Enterprise Development

Phase 1: Site Assessment
During the site assessment phase supply and demand for the region in terms of tourism promotion are analyzed. Threat Assessment is also conducted.
Phase 2: Participatory Business Planning
We conduct a series of stakeholder workshops. This includes developing demand-driven business plans, financial projections, competition analysis, sales marketing strategies and operating plans.
Phase 3: Tourism Operations Training
We conduct training workshops covering from reservation and payment systems to tour logistics and financial procedures that are essentials for tourism marketing.
Phase 4: Nature Guide Training
We cover a course nurture guides with conversational English skills, besides teaching in the host language.
Phase 5: Tourism Services Training
We also train in various functional areas of a small tourism business, including menu design, food preparation, housekeeping and facilities management, transportation as essentials for any tourism enterprise.

Marketing Campaign

Phase 1: Marketing and Sales Analysis

We will provide an analysis of your current marketing strategy and measure it against your resources and goals. Solimar will help you identify areas where your tactics can become more efficient and cost effective via inbound marketing techniques and identify your company’s inbound marketing needs, highlight opportunities to improve your lead to sale conversion rates and guarantee future customer loyalty. We will provide you with the necessary training to help build organizational capacity to assume these functions during a 12-month campaign.

Phase 2: Team Selection and Role Definition

Solimar will build a team consisting of a team leader (the Solimar account manager), your in-house talent, and Solimar consultants who have expertise in particular fields such as SEO, blogging, social media and trade outreach to ensure that the inbound marketing campaign is implemented smoothly.

Phase 3: Software Selection

Solimar will introduce you to the latest in user friendly inbound software solutions and help you choose which solutions will best most effective for carrying out your inbound marketing goals. Our team of experts will help set up these software platforms and ensure they are integrated with the organizational software that is currently in place. After installing the software solutions, we will ensure that your team is thoroughly trained to use it. We also provide the appropriate manuals and resources to provide guidance and allow you to instruct others on how to use them.

Phase 4: Monitoring and Evaluation System

Solimar will set up a baseline report against which all campaign metrics and targets will be measured and generate detailed weekly and monthly success reports that will give up to date insight into campaign performance. This will be accompanied by analytics software that will be used to track these key metrics.

Phase 5: Implementation and Project Transfer

The comprehensive inbound marketing campaign will be carried out over a 12-month span. Upon completion, Solimar will transfer the campaign to you along with a variety of training material and resources to ensure the campaign’s sustainability or we can continue implementation on your behalf.

Consulting on:

  • Advertising
  • Attractions Marketing
  • Destination Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Hotel/Resort Marketing
  • Internet Travel
  • Media Planning/Buying
  • Social Networking
  • Travel SEO & SEM
Issues we focus on are:

  • Business tourism and travel
  • Eco-tourism
  • Educational tourism
  • Medical tourism
  • Responsible tourism & travel
  • Rural tourism
  • Sports tourism and travel
  • Tourism and travel destinations
  • Tourism and travel economics
  • Tourism events and issues
  • Urban tourism

Each of our programs are customised meeting client’s specific needs. It includes combination of public & media relations; print advertising; direct mail; special events; online advertising and fulfillment; and partner marketing. In addition we work for a diverse range of B2B and Corporate clients across sectors including hotels, food and drink, exhibitions, financial services, marketing services, packaging, travel, retailing and retail security.

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