Tourism Marketing

tourism marketing

Creating Demand pro-actively supports tourism marketing, in identifying and maximizing the potential of each new opportunity.

The objective is to facilitate a multi-disciplined service assisting the global tourism industry and also assist in creating a blue print of Tourism Marketing plan, based on local knowledge. We steer in identifying objectives and align them with that of the market and customer.


Hotel marketing can no longer be relied on trade shows and printed brochures to attract numbers. People tend to independently choose based on their research. To stay ahead competitive, tourism businesses need to be where the consumer is and that is Online. Our strategy and experience draws in the invisible crowd to real time numbers.


Entertainment campaign requires a definite planning, built around developing an integrated promotional campaign. Creating Demand can introduce entertainment audiences, segment them and discuss on primary and secondary research for understanding audience preferences. Besides this, we present a discussion on branding and marketing approaches specifics to the industry.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage marketing has undergone tremendous transformation. Fast food, snack, and beverage firms tend to draw consumers via online and social media marketing techniques. Tools and online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Gaming, and mobile communications etc have been game changers. This requires ongoing engagement, by encouraging the segment to interact. In the digital age, our experience offers activities, like product launches and sampling, partnerships, word-of-mouth campaigns, promotions, new store openings etc.


We evolve the city’s distinctive retail enclaves that highlight the diverse offer. These include the art spaces and independent de- signers, the multicultural experience
And create a nationally recognized shopping festival that will attract visitor’s desired destinations.

Special Events

Special event marketing is an ideal thought to leverage your brand’s message. Our event campaigns for your select audience creates an everlasting brand impact, leading to increased customer engagement and brand loyalty. We also assist in craftting an event marketing strategy. Creatingdemand shall emerge as your expert in winning brand loyalty.

Travel Experience

Experience is the most indispensable alternative for any destination. A traveler dreams, plans, books, experiences and finally shares. The traveler experience comprises of rational decision-making with emotional desires. It must be a memorable one.
Hereby, we focus on the multisensorial part. Our focus is versatility. We create a stimulus for any consumer to know about a brand or place, and then experience it.

Kiosk & Alternative Retail

Inorder to differentiate from the clutter, our Kiosks and alternative retail offering provides a self-sustaining distribution channel. This generates good impressions by consumers. It suits best for new product launch, direct sales for retailers, unique branded environments etc.
This shall benefit operational control over your own distribution channel.

The key services include:


Consulting on:

  • Advertising
  • Attractions Marketing
  • Destination Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Hotel/Resort Marketing
  • Internet Travel
  • Media Planning/Buying
  • Social Networking
  • Travel SEO & SEM
Issues we focus on are:

  • Business tourism and travel
  • Eco-tourism
  • Educational tourism
  • Medical tourism
  • Responsible tourism & travel
  • Rural tourism
  • Sports tourism and travel
  • Tourism and travel destinations
  • Tourism and travel economics
  • Tourism events and issues
  • Urban tourism

Each of our programs are customised meeting client’s specific needs. It includes combination of public & media relations; print advertising; direct mail; special events; online advertising and fulfillment; and partner marketing. In addition we work for a diverse range of B2B and Corporate clients across sectors including hotels, food and drink, exhibitions, financial services, marketing services, packaging, travel, retailing and retail security.

Our solution sets your destination.  For initiating collaboration please fill the contact form below.