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Sachin is a keen and passionate observer of consumer behaviour. Diverse global brands have drawn his expertise in setting their presence in India. Sachin inspires his clientage in core expertise including specialty tourism, marketing hospitality businesses, new product launches via effective branding.


He can be termed as a ‘conduit builder’ who connects brands with consumers, potential markets and marketers. Nicknamed ‘connecting brand strategist’ he has effectively engaged the consumers by being a travel services provider and increased sales of products for many brands. Besides, tourism & hospitality he  also helps manufacturing, healthcare, professional services and shared-services businesses develop branding and in customer acquisition. Pitched communication strategies in leveraging global businesses such as United Utilities, Vertex, Orange,, Powergen, Virgin Mobile, HSBC, Commonwealth Games, Barbados Olympic Association. Delivery Models included customer outreach program, access, search and discoverability, and modelled engagement initiatives etc.

Sachin Bansal - Chief Explorer & Brand Teller

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