What We Do

what we do 2

Creating Demand assists in creating an inimitable stage for business by providing them with an opportunity to showcase products to a focused audience in India.

The expanding and over crowded market desires strategic positioning even for seasoned brands and that is where we pitch in our expertise, since we are exposed to the terrain in details. We visualize the gaps unaccounted and steers these brands to profitable existence through out their product life cycle.

Our demand creation solutions are focused on:

  • Identifying the sources of future growth
  • Creating a competitive strength
  • Redefining the customer experience for enhancing customer loyalty
  • Building a winning organization structure
  • Taking Indian opportunities overseas and vice versa
  • Expertise in Indian and Multinational markets

A brand is a promise. A promise to achieve certain results, deliver a certain experience, or act in a certain way. A promise that is conveyed by everything people see, hear, touch, taste or smell about your business.

The key services include:

Each of our programs are customised meeting client’s specific needs. It includes combination of public & media relations; print advertising; direct mail; special events; online advertising and fulfillment; and partner marketing. In addition we work for a diverse range of B2B and Corporate clients across sectors including hotels, food and drink, exhibitions, financial services, marketing services, packaging, travel, retailing and retail security.


Our solution sets your destination.  For initiating collaboration please fill the contact form below.